streamline your business with automation, aI & better workflows

An automation support community tailored to helping business owners transform their businesses from the ground up with automation, AI and process workflow. 

membership overview

Take a sneak peek at what awaits you in the community, and get ready for some surprises!

Monthly Automate [it] Masterclass

gain clarity on your automation big picture as you learn how-to integrate automation into your business.

Monthly Implementation Strategy Guide

practical automation strategy guides, helping you transform your business processes with ease.

Monthly Behind-the-scenes Implementation workshop

peek into the inner workings of a successful automation strategy in action, to supercharge your results.

Monthly Member's Only Automation Makeover

share your successes with our community as you get your business systems optimized by a pro

Automation Helpdesk Community Chat Thread

a dedicated support hub to get the assistance you need with any automation questions or challenges.

exclusive member's Only Affiliate Program

earn 40% lifetime commissions when someone you share our community with joins our community.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this for?

This is for the entrepreneur, business owner, creatives, coaches, consultants, service providers... It's literally for anyone who is tired of having all their time sucked away by the management and operations of their business, and who craves a new way of running their business using automation, AI, and process workflows.

How exactly does this community provide more value than free online forums and automation tools?

The Get It Done Crew Community is different; the focus of this community is on implementation. You'll not only learn about automation best practices, but you'll also learn how to implement those strategies step-by-step with guidance and support along the way. There is a ton of good, free information online and in forums, but you'll still need to struggle along, trying to figure out how to best take action on what you learn. And the truth is, many people quit and give up because they get confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed. That's why this support community is so important, so that you can learn automation strategies in bite-sized lessons that are highly targeted and focused to make implementation easy, and assimilation of these new strategies into your business a breeze.

Will the content and support in this community be tailored to my specific business needs and automation challenges?

Joining as a Founding Member offers two key benefits: direct contact with me, akin to 1:1 support, and highly personalized content and strategies tailored to current member needs. Unlike overwhelming resource libraries, the Get It Done Crew is an implementation-focused community, constantly adapting to provide custom solutions for active members.